California Public Utilities Commission Passes 1.5% Procurement Target for LGBTBEs

A 1.5% aspirational goal has been launched, to benefit LGBT-owned companies over three years which applies to contracts from CA-based privately owned telecommunications, electric and natural gas enterprises.

Source : Contractor News

April 13, 2022

Author : Patty Rodriguez

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved a voluntary procurement goal for privately owned utilities which it is believed will boost contracts for certified lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender businesses enterprises (LGBTBEs).

Emell D. Adolphus of Engineering News-Records writes that "As part of its Utility Supplier Diversity Program (General Order 156), the state regulatory agency announced on April 7 that it set a 1.5% aspirational goal for LGBT-owned companies over three years that applies to contracts from California-based privately owned telecommunications, electric and natural gas companies, such as AT&T, PGE and Southern California Edison Co. Aadditional aspirational CPUC goals include 15% for minority business enterprises (MBE), 5% for women business enterprises (WBE) and 1.5% for disabled-veteran business enterprises (DVBE)."

In a letter to the CPUC's commissioners, state LGBTQ Caucus leaders Evan Low, as well as assembly member and Sen. Susan Talamantes Eggman described CPUC's directive as bringing "some fairness for LGBTQ businesses that were previously excluded due to discrimination." 

While a “goal” is never a guarantee it's important to understand how new opportunities are on the horizon for LGBTBEs. According to a study by the Williams Institute, 4.8% of the states population could fit within the LGBT category.



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