Minnesota DOT Exceeds DBE Participation Goals for First Time

Minnesota is creating more opportunities for disadvantaged firms.

Source : Contractor News

April 6, 2024

Author : Alex Bustillos

If you are a small and disadvantaged business in Minnesota, then you have an opportunity to rejoice. Minnesota DOT (MnDOT) in FY 23 has successfully surpassed its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goals on its Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) goals. 

This is the first time MnDOT has exceeded its 12.6% annual goal by providing contracts to 14.1% of women- and BIPOC-owned (black, indigenous, and people of color) businesses. 

Back in 2012, DBE involvement was a mere 6.6% and has since grown 114%, which amounts to $129 million.

The DBE program is an official mandate by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) to provide a level playing field for federal funds for small businesses. MnDOT's DBE goal is set by the MnDOT's Office of Civil Rights contract in consultation with the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota. After public comment, the final proposal is sent to the FHWA and FTA for approval.

MnDOT's DBE goals are set for three years. For FY 2024, the DBE goal stands at 12.6% for FHWA projects and 6.8% for FTA programs. The Office of Civil Rights is actively collaborating with the University of Minnesota on new goals for 2025-2027.

This success is the fruit of many years of hard work by the MnDOT. MnDOT's Civil Rights programs have aided this effort through certification, compliance, and development. 

To be awarded a contract with a DBE participation goal, the apparent low bidder or selected responder must either satisfy the DBE participation goal or demonstrate sufficient good faith attempts to do so. Apparent low bidders can receive credit for DBE goals by subcontracting work to DBEs, acquiring supplies from DBEs, and using other ways outlined in the DBE Special Provisions.

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