Boulder Launches DBE/Small Biz Disparity Study

The City of Boulder is making major efforts to improve equity in procurement and contracting.

Source : Contractor News

March 2, 2024

Author : Alex Bustillos

The City of Boulder and Boulder County have recently embarked on a Disparity Study in association with Keen Independent Research. This particular initiative seeks to assess whether systemic barriers prevent small and diverse businesses from fairly competing for public contracts and also participating in local industry.

The study evaluates data from 2018 to 2022 to understand the accessibility of various small, minority- and woman-owned firms in county and city contracts. This particular analysis can help identify some existing disparities and their potential causes.

“Procurement reform can help governments spend wisely and deliver the best service possible while also spurring economic development in historically excluded communities and addressing longstanding systematic inequities,” said Aimee Kane, Boulder’s Equity Officer, in a press release. “It can guarantee effective spending, deliver improved solutions, and boost economic development in smaller communities historically excluded.”

The study seeks inputs from local business owners and leaders about their experience during business with the City and County of Boulder. For this, Keen Independent will be undertaking interviews and group discussions. 

The report is anticipated in fall 2024. When completed, the study’s findings will probably be used to produce strategies that address identified disparities and create a much more equitable playing field for all businesses in Boulder.

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