Maine DOT Releases $2.71 Billion 3-Year Work Plan

The Maine Department of Transportation has released a work plan for Fiscal Year 2021-2023, with 2,180 individual projects outlined.

Source : Maine DOT

February 8, 2021

Author : Patty Rodriguez

The plan includes 166 bridge projects at cost of $504 million; 100 miles of highway construction and rehabilitation at a cost of $212 million; 222 highway safety and “spot improvements” at a cost of $122 million; 893 miles of “preservation paving” at a cost of $321 million; and 2,175 miles of “Light Capital Paving” at a cost of $108 million.

Additionally, MDOT plans to invest $358 million in between aviation ($89 million), transit ($90.2 million), passenger rail ($3.9 million), ferries ($40.4 million), ports and other marine investments ($26.3 million), freight rail ($69.5 million), and active transportation capital projects ($30.7 million).

Active transportation capital projects include things like sidewalk construction and crossing improvements, while “marine investments” refer to funding for Boating Infrastructure Grants and the Small Harbor Improvement Program.

Breaking down the highway and bridge maintenance projects, MDOT will put $10.3 million into “bridge and structural maintenance, $5.5 million in bridge and other infrastructure inspections and inventory, $14.2 million in custodial maintenance, $25.9 million in drainage maintenance, $6.3 million in operational and safety maintenance, $9.7 million in surface and base maintenance, and $46.4 million in winter maintenance.” 

MDOT has also released an interactive map that breaks down the projects by type, fiscal year, and location. For additional local-level information on infrastructure projects, check the MDOT plan.

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