B2Gnow Launches Gov Transit and Airport Tool

Transit and airport orgs can now better gather project data collection, compliance, and reporting on the utilization of DBEs.

Source : B2Gnow

August 11, 2023

Author : B2Gnow

B2Gnow, a leader in supplier diversity, procurement, and grant management solutions for governments, contractors, and corporations, announces DBE Direct – a new, cost-effective package option designed to assist small to mid-size US transportation organizations (transits and airports) automate the process of project data collection, compliance, and reporting on the utilization of disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs), as required by 49 CFR Part 26.

B2Gnow Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Kelly explains, “Complying with these requirements can be challenging for smaller transit and airport authorities due to simple spreadsheet use, manual processes, limited resources, and the impending changes outlined in the USDOT’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking related to the DBE program. New funding opportunities, such as the 2022 Infrastructure Bill, have opened the door to billions of dollars in federal grants but have also increased the need for more efficient processes.”

“The B2Gnow enterprise system delivers a host of solutions that bring efficiency and compliance to the entire DBE environment. However, for small to mid-size organizations with lower contract and project counts, smaller total dollar spend, and a limited number of available DBEs, especially in more rural locations, the DBE Direct program offers these agencies a simple suite of solutions to meet their requirements and allow them to scale as necessary,” added Mr. Kelly.

More than 100 recipients, certifying agencies, and Unified Certification Programs rely on B2Gnow for DBE program activities such as spend tracking, reporting, and certification management. It is the most widely used system for DBE program monitoring and has the most extensive user base of any compliance system in the United States.

Contact B2Gnow to learn more about DBE Direct, or register here to join B2Gnow for an upcoming webinar titled: Introducing DBE Direct: Cost-Effective DBE Compliance Made Simple For Small to Mid-Size Airports and Transits, happening August 23, 2023, at 2:00 pm Eastern time.

About B2Gnow
B2Gnow’s cloud-based, cost-effective, and modular software platform addresses all aspects of DBE and local supplier diversity programs, eProcurement, and grant management, including managing the complex compliance and regulatory requirements of business diversity programs, facilitating meaningful increases in spending with disadvantaged firms, increasing visibility and optimizing the procurement process, and efficiently providing data management solutions for granting and pass-through government transportation agencies. B2Gnow maintains North America’s largest database of disadvantaged business entities, helping the federal government, more than half of state governments, hundreds of counties, cities, airports, and Fortune 500 companies manage their supplier diversity and compliance programs through technology solutions for over 20 years. For more information, visit https://b2gnow.com.

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