CAL FIRE Commits to DVBE and SBE procurement

CAL FIRE stands for the "California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection".

Source : Contractor News

March 28, 2023

Author : Patty Allen

CAL FIRE is ramping up efforts at working with local small businesses (SBEs) and disabled veteran owned firms (DVBEs) in California.

CAL FIRE acknowledges that offering certified SBEs and DVBEs the chance to engage in state procurement initiatives helps redirect local tax dollars into the community, continuously stimulating the state economy. CAL FIRE's SBE/DVBE Program, with its departmental buyers, is committed to meeting and/or surpassing the mandated 25% SBE and 3% DVBE standards.

The State of California gives preferences and incentives to certified vendors when they file bids for federal and state-funded projects. A business certified as SBE or DVBE can garner significant visibility to the business through the State's online marketplace, Cal eProcure. State buyers search this platform for certified SBs and DVBEs, and State entities (including CAL FIRE) post solicitations for goods and services.

Businesses can get certified free of charge by visiting the Department of General Services' Office of Small Business and DVBE Services (OSDS). To find current CAL FIRE contracts, businesses can visit Cal eProcure and enter "3540" in the Department field. There is no compulsory rule of having an active certification or registration to search for solicitations in Cal eProcure or create a vendor profile.

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