B2Gnow Hosts Webinar on Updates to DBE/ACDBE Program

Webinar: 2024 DBE/ACDBE Rule Update: Navigating the Latest Changes

Source : B2Gnow

April 14, 2024

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B2Gnow, a leading provider of business diversity and grant management solutions, is leading the way in preparedness for the US Department of Transportation's (DOT's) newly released regulation changes relating to DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) and ACDBE (Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) program requirements. The company announced it will host an informative webinar on Tuesday, April 16th, at 2 pm Eastern Time, titled 2024 DBE/ACDBE Rule Update: Navigating the Latest Changes. With a robust background in the public infrastructure compliance industry, particularly in DBE/ACDBE software, B2Gnow is ready to help organizations smoothly navigate through these complex regulatory modifications.

The latest updates to USDOT's DBE and ACDBE regulations, announced today, mark a significant evolution since the last major revisions in 2014. As the landscape of technology and regulatory requirements has evolved, B2Gnow remains dedicated to ensuring its platform aligns with these changes. The modifications, which include revisions to data collection and reporting, certification standards and procedures, and participation guidelines, aim to enhance the fairness of federally assisted contracting markets, reflecting the Administration's commitment to equity and expanded opportunities within government programs.

"We understand the importance of staying ahead of regulatory shifts to effectively support our clients," said Justin Talbot-Stern, B2Gnow's Chief Executive Officer. "In anticipation of the new rules, B2Gnow has been collaborating closely with our customers to ensure a seamless transition. Furthermore, our team has been proactively evaluating the potential impacts of the DBE and ACDBE rule changes proposed by the US Department of Transportation to be ready to update the B2Gnow system," added Mr. Talbot-Stern. "We are committed to ensuring our clients have the necessary tools to efficiently navigate through these regulatory shifts. We commend USDOT on publishing a constructive and forward-looking rule update - it's good for the certified firms, it's good for the agencies, it's good for the DBE and ACDBE programs, and it's good for the community."

In anticipation of the revisions, B2Gnow has proactively researched and addressed the possible changes outlined in the DBE/ACDBE Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), ensuring that all necessary updates to data collection, reporting, and program-specific elements will remain in compliance. With many of the new rules already aligning with B2Gnow's existing capabilities, clients can trust that B2Gnow's forward-thinking approach drives a comprehensive compliance solution specifically tailored to meet these new requirements.

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