California Tracks $180b Infrastructure Investment

Governor Newsom's team is promoting transparency for the state's public works construction.

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January 20, 2024

Author : Alex Bustillos

California residents are used to seeing construction happening across the state. Through a new website launched by the state they can now finally have an inkling about the impending end dates of these projects. 

California has unveiled a comprehensive website monitoring an ambitious $180 billion in infrastructure investments spanning over the next decade. This initiative, spearheaded by Governor Gavin Newsom's office, marks a significant step in enhancing the state's infrastructure.

But whether it will provide complete transparency or not is yet to be seen because the newly launched website is not really talking about the monies but rather highlighting that the projects "will boost our economy and connect more regions than ever before."

The newly launched platform,, is a central hub for tracking numerous infrastructure projects across California. These projects are being financed in part by the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

The website aims to provide insight into the progress of various initiatives, including those that contribute to California's goal of achieving a 100% clean electric grid, enhancing the state's water resources, and modernizing its transportation networks.

A notable feature of this initiative is the establishment of an Infrastructure Strike Team, as decreed by Governor Newsom in May of last year. This team's primary objective is to expedite project development by navigating and mitigating California's traditionally cumbersome permitting processes.

The website offers a detailed map pinpointing diverse projects across the state. These include a solar energy storage facility in Kings County, north of Los Angeles, a new border crossing facility in San Diego, and a significant investment by Bosch in a chip fabrication plant in Northern California. The latter, amounting to $1.5 billion, was partly motivated by a $25 million tax credit from the state.

The Newsom administration has successfully expedited several projects, like the rapid repair of fire damage on the I-10 freeway in Los Angeles. Other large-scale initiatives have faced setbacks. A prime example is California's high-speed rail project, originally estimated at $9 billion and slated for completion in 2020. This project has now seen its costs soar to $128 billion, with an anticipated operational timeline extending to between 2030 and 2033.

However, the new website focuses on the positive aspects of such projects, underscoring their potential economic benefits and the prospect of connecting various regions more efficiently. The site provides comprehensive details on some projects while offering limited information on others. It offers users an interactive, single-screen view of ongoing projects statewide.

The website states Governor Newsom explaining, "California is building more, faster – and creating thousands of good-paying jobs in the process. This goes far beyond roads and bridges – this is about investing in our communities and our families, giving opportunity to hard-working Californians and ensuring we deliver on our world-leading climate goals."

California's approach mirrors similar initiatives in other states, such as Wisconsin and Massachusetts, which have also launched websites to track the progress of projects funded by the IIJA. Additionally, the White House rolled out a tracker and map last year to monitor funded projects nationwide. Collectively, these efforts underscore a growing trend toward greater transparency and accountability in public infrastructure projects.

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