Charles County to Update MBE/SLBE Programs

Officials in the Maryland county are attempting to improve their M/WBE outreach efforts.

Source : Contractor News

August 21, 2023

Author : Patty Allen

The Charles County Government's Minority Business Enterprise Program has changed its name to Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program nearly 30 days before the adoption of the new resolution. 

To improve competition, increase opportunities for all business communities, and maximize value for the taxpayers' dollars, Charles County Government will promote full and equal business opportunities for all businesses contracting with the county. It will increase the opportunity to purchase goods and services from M/WBE enterprises.

Businesses to qualify for this program must be an M/WBE and consistently follow the standards established for the Small, Local, and Minority Business Enterprises Programs Division.

The county established distinct, percentage-based MBE and WBE subcontracting goals on a contract-by-contract basis for prime construction contracts worth more than $500,000.00 through the Goal Setting Committee (GSC). 

The offeror/bidder/quoter needs to submit a compliance plan outlining the goals' achievements or its Good Faith Efforts to meet them. To determine whether they are making Good Faith Efforts, the Purchasing Division will be responsible. 

They must follow the initial solicitations with interested MBEs/WBEs, provide them with the plans, specifications, and requirements of the contract, negotiate in good faith, and not reject them without sound reasons.

The factors that decide whether an Offeror/Bidder/Quoter has made Good Faith Efforts, according to the Purchase Division, are: making efforts to help interested MBEs/WBEs obtain bonding, lines of credit, or insurance; assisting them in obtaining required equipment, supplies, materials, or other services; sought timely guidance from the Purchase Division on any queries related to the new Good Faith Efforts chapter; their performance meets the contract-by-contract goals.

GSC will be responsible for Good Faith Efforts review and determination.

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