City Of Portsmouth Undertakes M/WBE Disparity Study To Provide Equal Opportunities

Portsmouth officials hope to integrate more minority and women-owned businesses into their city procurement and contracts.

Source : Contractor News

August 24, 2022

Author : Alex Bustillos

Virginia's City of Portsmouth recently conducted a Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Disparity Study. This research will determine whether or not there are disparities in the city's contractor sector.

The goal is to decrease barriers for women- and minority-owned contracting enterprises. MGT Consulting Group is conducting the Disparity Study.

The MGT Consulting Group collected data from July 2016 to June 2021, spanning five years. It includes contracts for bids, requests for proposals, and purchases made during the specified time frame. In addition, an advisory team will consult with local business leaders and host communities.

The Study's methodology is designed to optimize Portsmouth's capacity to review corporate policies to promote equity and execute suggestions to address any inequities discovered.

MGT Consulting will assist the city in empowering the community, promoting deep and genuine stakeholder involvement, and determining the most effective plan for resolving any disparities in procurement programs and regulations. 

The city attempts to identify the causes of any detected discrepancies, including but not limited to current policies, procedures, and initiatives.

The Study will incorporate quantitative data obtained through city spending and qualitative or anecdotal data gathered from local business owners, trade groups, and business organizations.

MGT has undertaken a similar disparity analysis previously, in 2015. This Study discovered significant disparities between African Americans in the construction, goods, and services industries. 

As a result, the city altered its purchasing practices and welcomed several new grant programs for women and minorities. Portsmouth officias hopes to rectify the discrepancy between these enterprises and looks forward to creating a level playing field in the market.

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