NYC Department of Design and Construction Creates List of Prequalified M/WBE Firms

New York City's Department of Design and Construction is helping promote the role of minority and women-owned businesses in city contracts and procurement.

Source : Contractor News

August 24, 2022

Author : Alex Bustillos

The New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) has produced the City's first Pre-Qualified List (or PQL) for minority- and women-owned business (M/WBE) general contractors. 

M/WBEs included in such a PQL are granted the exclusive ability to bid on DDC projects worth between $500,000 and $2,999,000.

Inclusion on the PQL is not automatic; the agency must examine M/WBE general contractors for their capacity to finish various projects and their history of compliance with applicable government rules. M/WBEs may seek inclusion on the PQL through the City's standard certification procedure.

During the ?nancial year of 2021, the DDC issued 334 contracts worth $660 million to M/WBEs, representing roughly 26 percent of total project expenditures under Local Law 1. 

The DDC PQL now features only seven companies, but this number is expected to increase as applications are accepted and encouraged.

"As a City, we are committed to supporting our M/WBE firms, helping them build capacity, and using smart and innovative procurement tools to direct more and larger contracts to these firms," explained Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer. 

DDC develops and upgrades municipal buildings such as firehouses, clinics, and libraries. Projects granted under the new PQL will encompass interior restorations, HVAC, fire suppression, facades, roofing, and building-wide system upgrades.

There are now seven firms on DDC's new PQL, but others may still apply. Firms must have successfully executed at least three $1,500,000 to $3,000,000 general construction projects as either a prime contractor or subcontractor during the preceding five years. 

Firms must have completed at least one interior renovation and mechanical, electrical, or plumbing system upgrade project and demonstrate the financial ability to support a project of the magnitude sought under the PQL. Firms must be NYC-certified M/WBEs or joint ventures.

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