USDOT Announces FY23 Budget of $142b, New Strategic Plan

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced the submission of the Biden Administration's USDOT budget for Fiscal Year 2023 to Congress.

Source : Secretary Pete

March 28, 2022

Author : Alex Bustillos

The total figure of $142 billion includes an additional $37 billion in advanced appropriations from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

“The investments in the President’s Budget make traveling safer, easier, cleaner, and more affordable for the American people,” Secretary Pete Buttigieg said. “From roads, tunnels and bridges, to airport and port improvements, electric vehicle chargers, safe bike lanes, and more, we are building a first-rate transportation system for all Americans.”

Key focus areas of the budget include “economic strength and global competitiveness,” “safety,” equity,” as well as “climate and sustainability.”

In terms of economic strength and global competitiveness, $4.45 billion will go towards advancing 15 major transportation projects in seven states, including $100 million for the Hudson Tunnel commuter rail project.

Another $1.5 billion will go towards the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program and the National Infrastructure Project Assistance Grant program. The kinds of projects that will be funded through these programs include roads, highways, public transit facilities, port infrastructure and freight and passenger rail.

Additionally, $230 million will go towards port infrastructure to help improve the supply chain, and a whopping $23.6 billion for the Federal Aviation Administration to “modernize facilities and operations.”

Under the “safety” section, $3 billion will go to the Federal Highway Administration’s Safety Improvement Program; $506 million for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration grants; and $49.8 million for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration research.

Meanwhile, “equity” includes $110.7 million for disadvantaged communities to improve infrastructure and $350 million for resurfacing projects in rural communities.

Finally, the climate section includes $21.9 billion for expanding transit service; $17.9 billion for Amtrak; $1 billion for electric vehicle infrastructure; and $1.3 billion to help states reduce carbon emissions; and $27.5 million.

USDOT is also announcing a FY2022-2026 Strategic Plan to guide its investments from the Bipiartisan Infrastructure Law. A PDF of the plan is available here.

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