VIDEO - NMDOT Replaces 404 Bridge Over I-10

New Mexico’s Department of Transportation is replacing the old New Mexico 404 bridge over I-10 with a new one more than double the size.

Source : NMDOT

February 8, 2022

Author : Alex Bustillos

The new bridge will feature four lanes with dedicated turn and through lains aimed at reducing congestion during peak hours.

The previous bridge was deemed too old. According to the local CBS affiliate, it no longer met certain requirements such as height. 

Demolition of the old bridge began on Jan 10, 2022.

NMDOT engineer Chano Bravo explained the complicated process of constructing a new bridge:

“With this project the hard part was we had to build part of the new bridge while keeping the existing bridge open. Once we open the new bridge, demolish the old bridge, then finish the rest of the other bridge. This way you have to keep the current road open so you have to make all the drivers, the public aware of what you’re doing, closures, every time.”

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