DBE program to grow from Infrastructure Law

The new law will create the largest investment in the nation’s infrastructure since 1956.

Source : Contractor News

January 22, 2022

Author : Patty Rodriguez

The recently passed into law infrastructure bill specifically discusses Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) in Section 11101(e).

It found that compelling reasons exist to continue the Department of Transportation’s DBE program, which was started in 1983. 

Not less than 10% of the $1.75 trillion bill must be appropriated to DBEs on federal transportation and transit projects. 

The new law emphasizes enforcement of the DBE prompt payment rule, codified at 49 CFR § 26.29, by requiring that the Secretary of the Department of Transportation (DOT) increase the ability of the department to track and keep records of complaints and to make that information publicly available.

The DBE program is going to become more transparent and enforceable.

According to Gaela Normile of Vandeventer Black LLP this will create a lot of opportunities for DBEs in states such as Virginia and all across the country. 

Describing it as “the largest investment in the nation’s infrastructure since 1956”, she explains it will have a significant positive impact on government certified business programs.

“Companies certified as DBE participants now have an even more valuable asset that will be attractive to road and bridge contractors, design professionals, and consultants looking to fulfill the 10?E participation requirement. These will be companies in demand as this money fuels a new infrastructure boom.”

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