Tallahassee Approves $28m in Airport Projects

The Tallahassee City Commission unanimously approved three contracts for an addition to the Tallahassee International Airport.

Source : talgov.com

December 13, 2021

Author : Patty Rodriguez

The bulk of the contract dollars were awarded to Whitesell-Green, Inc. which will get $24.6 million for the construction of a new International Passenger Processing Facility, which will provide international travelers with a port-of-entry and a station for federal authorities to conduct inspections. The project will additionally add “improvements” to accommodate international flights.

Meanwhile, AVCON, Inc. will also get $2.01 for Resident Project Representative services, and Corgan, Inc. will get $1.51 million for construction administration and phase design services

In comments to Florida Politics, Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey told the outlet that the addition will not only bring international flights but open the door to international shipping. Back in 2018, the airport was named Commercial Service Airport of the Year by the Florida Department of Transportation. So the addition will likely add a small economic boost to the city with the possibility of a larger one.

“We have the right facility, we have the right team, to truly be able to move our airport forward and open up all types of possibilities on an international level. It’s very exciting,” Mayor Dailey told the outlet.

Construction is expected to begin in March 2022 and wrap up two years later.

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