Voters in Crook County Oregon Approve $35m Bond for New Justice Center

Crook County, Oregon voters approved a bond measure that would fund a new courthouse and restore another that’s more than a century old.

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November 3, 2021

Author : Patty Rodriguez

Passing with a 64.53 percent majority on Tuesday, voters made their voices heard on the need for a remodeling of the county’s courthouse built in 1909 and for an entirely new justice center.

The bond approved by voters will cover $35 million in expenses and “allow the county to match state funds from the Legislature,” the Bond Bulletin reports.

The old courthouse will be converted into county government office space but will need “several renovations.”

Plans for constructing the new justice center which will be built on top of an empty lot nearby the old courthouse will begin immediately, local media report.

While the old courthouse contained just 23,000-square feet, the new one will be 68,000 and include two or three more courtrooms as the previous courthouse only had one. 

There’s little downside for county voters as the bond measure “is not expected to raise property taxes.” The county will instead use existing tax revenue to pay for their share of the project costs. However, funds still need to be secured from federal and state grants.

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