San Diego Airport to Spend $2.6b on Terminal Replacement

The San Diego County Regional Airport Board of Directors approved a master project schedule and maximum contract price for the replacement of Terminal 1 at San Diego International Airport.

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October 11, 2021

Author : Patty Rodriguez

Construction could begin as early as November after the Federal Aviation Administration’s National Environmental Policy Act process is undertaken.

"The airport is a major economic driver for the region and the New T1 will make our city more attractive to the millions of people who want to visit and also provide a better travel experience for San Diegans," said chair of the board Gil Cabrera. “"This project will provide well-paying jobs and numerous contracting opportunities that will aid in the region's economic recovery.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Terminal 1 was serving more than 12 million people a year.

"Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Airport Authority has carefully and cautiously continued planning for the replacement of our existing, 54-year-old Terminal 1," said president and CEO of the airport authority, Kimberly Becker.’

The new terminal will have 30 gates, an array of vendors and retail outlets, and additional security lanes to speed up the process for travelers, local news reports.

The new terminal will also capitalize on recent improvements to the roadways, making it easier for vehicles to enter and exit the airport. The parking garage will also accommodate transportation services.

The aim is for the first 19 of the 30 gates to be open in July 2025 at which point the final third of the gates will begin construction.

There’s also space being reserved between terminals for a potential future transit project.

It is estimated that the terminal project could create between 15,000 and 20,000 local jobs. Twenty five percent of contracts will go to small businesses; 80 percent to local businesses; and three percent will go to veteran-owned businesses.

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