Nebraska DOT Launches US-30 Highway Project

The US-30 Highway stretches across the country.

Source : NDOT

July 2, 2024

Author : Alex Bustillos

The US-30 Highway which runs East to West, and extending from Oregon to New Jersey, has been experiencing vehicle delays and increased crash rates. To address these connectivity and safety issues, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) has broken ground on a new four-line undivided urban highway section.

NDOT along with City of Grand Island and Werner Construction will be working on the four-mile realignment of Highway 30 from west of Grand Island to Alda. The project would take approximately two years to complete, and would extend from mile marker 308.4 to 312.55 and cost $33.6 million ($4 million is being provided by the Grand Island community, as per Mayor Roger Steele).

This project has become feasible due to the Build Nebrasaka Act and Transportation Innovation Act, During the 2023 legislative session, several laws were passed to improve NDOT's project delivery and construction scope, and for the extension of the Build Nebrasaka Act though till 2042.

"Thanks to these acts, NDOT has been able to deliver significant improvements that benefit all Nebraskans, beyond just basic maintenance," Vicki Kramer, Director of NDOT, explained.

The project includes a 10" doweled concrete pavement placed on a stabilized subgrade, and construction of culverts, storm sewers, MSE walls, seeding, erosion control, and lighting. The Monitor Road East and West of Husker Highway Intersection will be realigned, along with North Road from Strauss to Reuting.

A major reconstruction will happen at the Engelman Road, Stolley Park Road, and Husker Hwy intersections with the new US-30 alignment.

At the groundbreaking ceremony on June 10th, which was attended by NDOT Director Vicki Kramer, NDOT District 4 Division Engineer Wes Wahlgren, and Werner Construction Project Manager Mike Werner, Grand Island Mayor Steele said, "This new roadway represents growth, progress, and a bright future for Grand Island. Our investment in the state's infrastructure is a testament to our commitment to the future."

The authorities urged motorists to adhere to the traffic diversions and bear with any construction-related delays for the next two years (approximately till June of 2026). 

Once completed, this project will help reduce traffic delays and make traveling through Nebraska much safer for commuters. 

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