Utah’s DOT Launches $1.4b in New Projects

The state has among some of the best roads in the country.

Source : Utah DOTH

June 3, 2024

Author : Alex Bustillos

The American Society of Civil Engineers of the Utah Section gave the state’s overall infrastructure (roads, bridges, ports, etc.) a C+ grade back in 2020

However, the state has one of the highest grades among the 51 states. Bridges and roads individually received a B+ grade. 

This grade showcased that although there were some areas of deterioration, regular investment and monitoring on the part of the Utah DOT and local administration have helped maintain the required infrastructure standards. Craig Friant, past president of the ASCE Utah Section and chairman of the report card committee, explained that because of these proactive measures, only 4.2% of the state’s roads were in poor condition.

With the next evaluation just around the corner, UDOT seems to be making a breakneck effort to improve its current grade. 

UDOT has approved nearly $1.4 billion to fund several construction projects in northwest Utah County. This has increased the overall financing for projects in the region, including expanding cities like Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and Saratoga Springs, to $2.1 billion by the end of the 2020s.

UDOT Executive Director Carlos Braceras explained, “This significant investment represents our commitment to building a transportation system that meets the needs of all Utahns.” 

According to the UDOT, Utah County is projected to develop faster than Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber Counties combined by 2050.

Key projects that will benefit from this funding are:

Converting 2100 North in Lehi into a Freeway

This project is receiving $554 million, which includes $275 million in new funding. It will help with the freeway connection between 2100 North and Mouth View Corridor and I-15. This will enhance the east-west traffic mobility, and reduce congestion and travel time between Utah and Salt Lake Counties. 

Construction will begin in 2026.

Extension of Mountain View Corridor South to Cory Wride Hwy (SR-73) 

This project has received funding worth $553 million. This project will connect Mountain View Corridor to Cory Wride Highway (SR-73), near Saratoga Springs. It will relieve traffic congestion on Redwood Road and I-15 near the Point of the Mountain by providing an alternate freeway connection for vehicles going between northwest Utah County and Salt Lake County. The project will also include trails and trail linkages.

Construction is expected to begin as early as 2027.

Pioneer Crossing Flex Lanes

$77 million has been approved for constructing two additional travel lanes in the peak direction, depending on the time of day (similar to 5400 South in Salt Lake County). The project would also re-strip Pioneer Crossing from Redwood Road to MVC, adding one more travel lane in each way. 

Construction is scheduled to begin as early as 2025 or 2026.

Cory Wride Freeway (SR-73) From Mountain View Corridor to Ranches Parkway

This project has received $459 million to construct a new freeway with frontage roads connecting Mountain View Corridor and Ranches Parkway in Eagle Mountain. The project will reduce congestion in the neighborhood, improve transit, bike lanes, and trails, limit impacts on existing properties, and maintain access to current developments. Construction is expected to begin as early as 2027.

According to UDOT, these projects represent the largest transportation investment in Utah County since the 2012 completion of the I-15 CORE project, which renovated 24 miles of freeway between Lehi and Spanish Fork.

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