Contract Compliance Association to Hold 2023 Conference

ACCA, a non-profit organization, trains and standardizes practices among compliance professionals nationwide.

Source : American Contract Compliance Association

July 24, 2023

Author : Alex Bustillos

The American Contract Compliance Association (ACCA) will be hosting a 2023 National Training Institute in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Renasant Convention Center from 14 August to 19 August 2023. 

To ensure fair employment and contracting practices in both the public and private sectors, the ACCA was established in 1986. It is a non-profit national organization that started operating as the brainchild of the Inter-Governmental Compliance Institute's members in Minnesota. It's grown to encompass the entire country.

The primary aim of ACCA is to offer training, standardize practices, and networking opportunities among professionals. In particular it promotes the role of contract compliance with regard to affirmative action, outreach, and equal employment practices.

ACCA's vision is to establish itself as the leading national organization that offers a training institute for compliance practitioners. The goal is to create economic diversity and equitable employment within America's private and public sector institutions.

The extensive training program offered by ACCA gives learners the chance to study from professionals who are nationally renowned in their respective industries. This program is created to concentrate on the critical issues challenging professionals in multiple sectors. The annual training conference offers compliance and development training to experts in small, women-owned, minority-owned, and disadvantaged businesses with a wide range of courses to improve their job performance.

Here's the schedule summary for the 2023 in Memphis, TN:

  • 14 August: registration, orientation and welcome session, and classes
  • 15-18 August: Classes
  • 18 August: graduation banquet
  • 19 August: NTI Wrap-up (optional)

ACCA's classes will cover numerous topics, including capacity building, disparity studies, economic development, industry legal update, goal setting, and race-neutral initiatives, among several others. 

ACCA's 2022 edition had 937 active members join the session, the highest in the organization's history. They are expecting are around the same number of participants this year. Last year the group achieved numerous milestones:

  • A new website with improved accessibility features, a new members area, and an updated design was released.
  • About 500 guests checked in during the first hour of the new check-in upgrade ACCA implemented for the NTI using kiosk check-in and badges.
  • There were 790 guests, including the participants, speakers, and volunteers at the National Training Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The association has thanked all its members and NTI attendees for being integral to their mission of delivering top-tier training for compliance and certification professionals. 

This year, ACCA will provide businesses with various opportunities to collaborate with industry professionals and enhance their understanding of trends and technologies in their respective fields. It will help businesses to increase their effectiveness. 

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