Delaware DOT Selects Vendor to Oversee $3b Project

Masterworks, Aurigo's flagship product suite, will assist DelDOT in its managing and tracking.

Source : Delaware Department of Transportation

May 18, 2023

Author : Alex Bustillos

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) partnered with Aurigo Software on a multi-year basis to modernize the planning, funding, execution, and management of Delaware’s Capital Transportation Program. 

The DOT has created a 6-year Capital Transportation Program (CTP) that outlines projected capital spending every two years. 

The Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO), Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization, Salisbury-Wicomico Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Sussex County collaborated on this program. The CTP includes information on several DelDOT capital and maintenance initiatives and predicted expenditures for capital project phases anticipated in each fiscal year. 

Masterworks, Aurigo's flagship product suite, will assist DelDOT in prioritizing project requests, managing the utilization of state and federal monies, and tracking program performance throughout delivery.

The Capital Transportation Program plans to allocate funds for transportation projects from 2023 to 2028. It is part of a six-year statewide transportation improvement program approved by FHA and the Federal Transit Administration in November last year. 

The program's projects range from basic operations like road paving, signage, and intersection upgrades to advanced technology modernization initiatives, including mainframe modernization, railway monitoring enhancements, and sustaining internal network operations.

Currently, the DelDOT is managing around 14000 roadway lane miles, 1750 bridges, 300,000 signs, structures, and similar assets across the state. They also provide bus, rail, and paratransit services throughout the region. 

The total project cost has been pegged at $3 billion and will be disbursed over the next 6 years.

By using Aurigo’s Masterworks Product suite, the DelDOT aims to keep track of project requests for state and federal funds and monitor project performance throughout delivery. 

DelDOT also intends to track the expenditure on transportation projects by connecting Peoplesoft, the organization's accounting software. It will allow the department to forecast program spending in real-time. In addition, enterprise-wide data dashboards and reporting are provided by the project suite. 

The new method implemented by DelDOT will aid in the development, prioritization, and cost estimation of capital projects. The department stated that Masterworks would also integrate with the Financial Management Information System of the Federal Highway Administration and automate the obligation and reimbursement procedure for federal funding. 

According to the DOT, a "what-if" study of the suggested plans would help locate the best project combinations depending on the financing sources and strategic priorities.

Todd Reavis, Director of Technology and Innovation, and Lanie Clymer, Director of Finance at DelDOT, said, “Considering our significant investment in capital construction projects throughout the state valued at over $600 million annually, DelDOT is pleased to be onboarding Aurigo to help modernize our budget and spend activities around these efforts. We look forward to utilizing Aurigo’s robust, secure, cloud-hosted solution to meet our growing needs. We find immediate value in this highly configurable platform and believe it will allow us to implement change and scale for the future more efficiently.”

“With infrastructure investment on the rise, evaluating which projects to prioritize and how to fund them is a critical first step in the process,“ said Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO and founder of Aurigo Software. “Masterworks will streamline DelDOT’s capital planning operations, allowing them to build more accurate multi-year budgets and automating reimbursement from the federal government. We look forward to supporting Delaware’s long-range transportation goals of safety, resiliency, and economic vitality.”

Following Delaware, several other states have also modernized their capital program, including Massachusetts, Utah, and Iowa. 

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