Leading Construction Management App Offers Free Training, Discounts to MBEs

Get a leg-up in a competitive market.

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December 11, 2020

Author : Patty Rodriguez

Procore Technologies, Inc. is partnering with the non-profit U.S. Minority Contractors Association (USMCA) to offer free training and discounts on the Procore app to minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs).

Procore’s software was used by 1.3 million people by the end of 2019. The application allows construction companies, contractors, and others in the business to work together on a shared platform, using everything from data, video, emails and PDFs to keep everyone on the same page. The best part is that it can be accessed directly from your smartphone via the Procore App. One thing that sets it apart from other similar services on the market is that Procore charges customers based on annual turnover. Procore also has all kind of integration features with other applications your company may use.

Check out this short video for some of the awesome, high-tech features like 3D data Procore offers.

"By partnering with Procore, a construction technology leader, we are empowering USMCA members to benefit from a host of resources that will give them a competitive edge," USMCA president Larry S. Bullock said. "Our members will be able to accelerate innovation with both new and existing clients. I'm excited about this partnership because it gives our members access to the latest and greatest construction technology and educational resources."

“Giving minority contractors access to Procore’s technology and training is a critical component of advancing the construction industry,” Sasha Reed, Head of Procore.org, said in the company’s press release. “In partnering with USMCA, we hope to equip minority business leaders with the technology and expertise they need to not only compete, but thrive.”

In addition to the free training Procore is providing, USMCA will also offer educational resources to their members through Procore’s platform.

One Procore customer and consultant for USMCA, Shawn P. Philips, said that they provide “technology training to our subcontractors, clients, and partners in order to make the overall process run smoothly from cradle to grave.” 

He continued: “Having all vested parties be knowledgeable about a complete platform like Procore reduces confusion and enables stronger, more reliable communication between project teams."

This is something that you should definitely try to get in on, as Procore continues to build integration capacities with other tools common in the industry. Just yesterday, GoContractor, a tool to help automate safety and task management, announced their software can now sync on-site work data into Procore.

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