USDOT Seeks Public Comment on Strategic Framework

The public is invited to offer USDOT their views on five key questions.

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December 6, 2021

Author : Alex Bustillos

The US Department of Transportation on Monday announced a Request for Comments from the public to “help shape the Department’s goals and priorities as we work to transform the nation’s transportation system making it safe, more accessible, more reliable, and multi-modal.”

The USDOT press release cited the Bipartisan Infrastructure law as a “historic opportunity to invest in our country,” adding that they seek to “accomplish the Biden-Harris Administration’s goals by updating our Strategic Framework with the help of our stakeholders, including the American public.”

The strategic framework will help guide USDOT’s work over the five year timeline of the infrastructure package. 

Currently, the framework includes six strategic goals.

The public is invited to comment on these strategic goals, but also to respond to a few questions:

  • “What strategies or priorities should DOT adopt to achieve the Department’s strategic goals and objectives?
  • How should DOT measure progress towards those priorities?
  • What emerging challenges or opportunities in transportation warrant additional DOT activities or investments?
  • How can DOT best coordinate its activities with Federal, State, local, Tribal, labor, private sector, academic, non-profit, international and other partners?
  • How can DOT best utilize additional programs and authorities in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to accomplish the goals laid out in the strategic plan?”

Responses can be submitted electronically at this link. You can also email your responses to

The public is being given two weeks to submit its responses.

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