Duplexes May Get Greenlight in California Suburbs

It’s good news for builders and low-income renters.

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August 27, 2021

Author : Alex Bustillos

On Thursday, the State Legislature in California advanced a bill that would allow double-unit buildings on lots that have exclusively allowed single-family homes, a policy the New York Times aptly describes as “politically sacrosanct.”

While the measure is meant to address the housing crisis in California, which has incredibly high rates of homelessness and, unsurprisingly, incredibly expensive housing, it’s a positive development for, well, developers too.

The bill would allow up to four units on a single-family lot. Opponents of the bill have decried it as “the beginning of the end of homeownership in California,” but housing advocates say it’s a modest step in the right direction to address the housing crisis.

Senate Bill 9, as it’s called, passed the Senate back in May. On Thursday it made its way through the Assembly on a vote of 45-19.

“This is a gentle density increase that respects the character of neighborhoods,” Toni Atkins, the bill’s author, said.

The next step is back to the Senate, where it will need a concurrence vote. Following that, it will go to the Governor, Gavin Newsome, who faces a recall election next month. He has not commented on the policy yet, so it isn’t clear whether he will veto it or not. However, he will likely have the opportunity to sign or veto it before a potential recall.

Another piece of legislation of relevance to developers that passed the California Assembly this week, Senate Bill 10, would allow local governments to rezone parcels to hold up to 10 units without environmental review, which would speed up development and reduce administrative burden for builders.

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