BREAKING: USDOT Proposes $905m in Future Infrastructure Grants

The Biden Administration hopes to award $905.25 million to 24 projects in 18 states, and prioritized projects that address climate change and racial equity for the first time in the department’s history.

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June 30, 2021

Author : Patty Rodriguez

The awards will come as part of the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) discretionary grant program and will go to economically important rail and highway projects.

“These timely investments in our infrastructure will create jobs and support regional economies, while helping to spur innovation, confront climate change, and address inequities across the country,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said.

Projects were prioritized based on their ability to improve local economies, create jobs, and “for the first time in USDOT’s history,” their ability to address “climate change, environmental justice, and racial equity,” according to the press release. Consideration was also given to the application of “innovative technology” and cost efficiency.

“Demand for INFRA grants far exceeded available funds. USDOT evaluated 157 eligible applications from 42 states, as well as Guam.  Applicants collectively requested approximately $6.8 billion in grant funds—more than seven times the funding available,” the press release states.

Some projects that will be getting funds include, and some further details on those projects:

  • West Seattle Corridor Bridges Rehabilitation and Strengthening in Seattle, Washington

“The Seattle Department of Transportation will be awarded $11,250,600 to make significant bridge repairs on the West Seattle High-Rise bridge that is currently closed due to structural deficiencies.”

  • Dubuque Port and Rail Improvements in Dubuque, Iowa

“The City of Dubuque will be awarded $5 million to increase capacity and make improvements to the Gavilon marine port and rail facility at Dove Harbor terminal at the Port of Dubuque.”

  • The Community Infrastructure and Resiliency Zone (CIRZ) in Los Angeles, California

“The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) will be awarded $18 million towards a Safe Streets Infrastructure project that includes approximately 26 new traffic signals and leading pedestrian interval (LPI) signal enhancements at approximately 90 intersections.”

  • Southport Berth Development and Port Expansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority will be awarded $49 million to construct a new approximately 1,056 linear foot multi-use berth that will be used to accommodate roll-on/roll-off vessels. This project also includes the dredging of the adjacent berth space.”

  • The Northeast Georgia Inland Port in Hall County, Georgia

“The Georgia Ports Authority will be awarded $46,868,000 to build a new inland container port along the I-85/I-985 corridor in an unincorporated area of Gainesville, which will be linked with the Port of Savannah by direct, 324-mile intermodal freight rail service.”

  • Initiative for New Decks Essential for Economic Development (INDEED) Project in Maine

“The Maine Department of Transportation will be awarded $45,240,000 to replace fourteen aging bridge decks, all of which are on the National Highway System and many of which are on the National Highway Freight Network. These bridges have deteriorated to the end of their useful lives, are in poor condition, and are considered structurally deficient.”

Congress will have 60 days to review the proposals by USDOT. A full list of proposals can be viewed here.

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