ABC Tech Alliance Pushes A.I. for Construction Industry

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June 24, 2024

Author : Alex Bustillos

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a grey-zone, straddling the fine line between positives and the negatives. AI today has proliferated in every workplace and is not just limited to tech. Did you know that the construction industry is beginning to benefit from AI?

The modern, data-rich construction industry offers several advantages to businesses that can harness this information to make informed and strategic decisions. 

During the pre-construction stage, AI can assist with several critical functions that ensure projects are completed on time, and within budget. AI can help with risk assessment, understanding potential environmental impact, and even financial feasibility. AI-enabled tools can also help with the design development process as well.

AI plays a crucial role in the bidding and negotiation phase, helping contractors to better understand the project scope, analyze strategies, and streamline repetitive tasks. 

Apart from this, Artificial Intelligence finds its use in several other ways:

  • Predictive maintenance of systems like HVAC, electrical, etc.
  • AI-powered monitors and cameras can help with site safety
  • AI and ML (machine learning) help with robotics and 3-D printing
  • AI helps with optimizing project management, quality control, and performance

This increased usage of AI has raised questions about its ethical and regulatory implications, and although the federal regulation on the same is in its nascent stage, many private organizations in the construction trade have started embracing self-regulatory practices for the adaptation and implementation of AI in construction.

These are intended to maximize the benefits of AI in an effective and responsible manner while also addressing and reducing the potential hazards connected with its use. 

Contractors of all sizes share a common theme: they are committed to addressing the impact of AI on their businesses and are devoting resources in that effort.

Many top contractors now develop or publish their own AI guidelines, such as templates and checklists. Similarly, an increasing number of construction organizations have built their own internal AI rules and best practices to help guide its implementation.

Associated Builders and Contractors, a trade association with over 23,000 member companies, has formed ABC's Tech Alliance, a collection of 15 construction technology companies that develop technology and innovative solutions for ABC contractor members. The alliance is intended to assist ABC members in capitalizing on the benefits of new technologies, including AI, as well as improving their capacity to develop talent, secure projects, and carry them out safely, ethically, and profitably.

The guide highlights AI applications throughout the construction project lifecycle, including pre-construction, construction, and building maintenance. It also defines terminology such as deep learning and predictive AI, as well as best practices for developing office AI policy.

"The possibilities of AI technology may sound endless, but we must first educate ourselves on the basics, and this resource is a starting point to understand AI and its potential impact on the construction industry," said Patrick Scarpati, ABC Director of Construction Technology and Innovation. 

While innovation is important for success, it is important to understand the flip side of all the good things that comes with it. The construction industry, which has been a pioneer, has, with its self-regulation, needs to embrace technology in a mindful manner, which many other sectors are failing to do. 

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