Washington State DOT selects Jacobs Solutions for SR 509 Project

The state's highway network is being upgraded.

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June 17, 2024

Author : Patty Allen

In the last few years, there has been a lot of infrastructure development and upgrading across the state of Washington. 

Even with the many challenges plaguing the construction industry, like inflation, labor shortages, and project delays, public work projects have continued to grow. 

American infrastructure has been aging, and with a growing population, urbanization, and traffic influx, there is a dire need for upgradation. 

One such construction project that is being undertaken under the Washington State Department of Transportation is the Puget Sound Gateway Program. The total cost of the project is estimated at $2.68 billion. It combines the SR 509 Completion Project in King County and the SR 167 Completion Project in Pierce County. These projects will help to provide the key missing links in the state’s highway network and have multimodal and pedestrian benefits.

This mammoth project has been divided into multiple parts for ease of execution and budgeting. 

Jacobs, a leading technical professional services firm, has been selected as the lead designer for the State Road (SR) 509 stage 2 completion project. This portion will be a critical link to complete the transportation network between SR 509 and I-5. It will serve as a vital link between the Port of Seattle, Kent Valley, and Sea-Tac Airport.

Jacobs is part of the design-build team that is led by Guy F. Atkinson Construction LLC. 

The $479 million project will include the construction of five new bridges, one bridge upgrade, stormwater facilities, and pedestrian infrastructure for walking, cycling, etc.

The partnership between Jacobs and Atkinson goes back almost two decades, and they have been instrumental in supporting Washington State DOT with multiple services like project delivery, technical assistance, and risk management. 

The joint venture between Jacobs and Atkinson has previously worked on other stages of the Puget Sound Gateway Program.

Jacobs Senior Vice President Katus Watson explained, "This project continues our strong collaboration with Atkinson in delivering best-in-class solutions to the Washington State Department of Transportation, all while creating vital transportation improvements that connect communities.” He further continued by saying, “Since 2005, the Jacobs/Atkinson design-build team has delivered roadway improvements that make travel smarter, safer, and more connected.”

Jacobs has spearheaded many important projects in the past. This includes transforming the Metropolitan Transformation Authority’s Grand Central Madison project. 

Jacobs was also selected by Florida’s Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department to upgrade the design for the county’s three wastewater treatment plants.

Atkinson has an equally stellar resume. It has almost 100 years of experience in serving the country’s infrastructure with innovative design and construction solutions.

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