Illinois Disperses Another $250m to Support Local Transportation

Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Transportation announced the fifth $250 million installment of Rebuild Illinois funding.

Source : JB Pritzker

March 14, 2022

Author : Alex Bustillos

The announcement brings the total amount of funds disbursed through the Rebuild Illinois program to $1,250,0000. The bipartisan initiative will eventually invest $1.5 billion into transportation infrastructure in a bid to modernize “roads and bridges, transit, waterways, freight and passenger rail, aviation, and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.”

The fifth funding installment was announced on Wednesday in McLean County. The press release notes that this county will receive funds to support a $7.9 million project to improve Meadows Road, which will support expansions to the local agricultural and green energy industries.

"Rebuild Illinois has repaired or replaced over 3,500 miles of roads and nearly 350 bridges statewide. We've dedicated over $60 million to the visual arts center at ISU, with over $40 million in additional investments around campus. We're investing in Heartland Community College, and adding an Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Academy there, too," Gov. Pritzker said.

"Today I'm excited to announce the next $250 million in support for municipal and county projects. With these new funds, we are helping to build projects like Meadows Road in every corner of Illinois - spurring more economic development across the state,” the governor added.

With the announcement of the fifth funding installment, only one remains in the program, which will eventually fund projects in 2,856 counties, municipalities and townships.

As the governor noted, projects include road and bridge repairs and replacements. However, traffic signal upgrades, new storm sewers, bike paths and sidewalk replacements among other projects are also included.

A full list of project awards is available here.

So far, Rebuild Illinois has supported through the first four installments an estimated 2,290 projects including:

  • $82.6 million for the rehabilitation of Lake County Road in Cook County
  • $13.5 million for rehab of the 130th Street bridge in Chicago
  • $8.9 million for road widening on Cedar Road in Will County
  • $3.7 million for resurfacing and other improvements on Springfield Road in Tazewell County
  • $2.6 million for resurfacing and rehab of Lincoln and Springfield avenues in Urbana

Rebuild Illinois builds on top of existing regular funding to local governments through the 2019 motor fuel tax formula, which has generated $914.2 million since it was passed.

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