Army Corp to Begin $4b in Construction Work at Ports to Quick-Fix Supply Chain

Senior Biden Administration officials anonymously revealed the plan.

Source : Maryland Port Administration

November 9, 2021

Author : Alex Bustillos

As we recently reported, the infrastructure bill passed by Congress last week contains $17.4 billion for work on ports and inland waterways, a value greater than the original request by the White House and also greater than the initial GOP counter-offer.

But with the supply chain in disarray, the Biden administration outlined several plans on Tuesday to quickly fix problems at the nation’s ports.

Several anonymous senior officials told CNBC that in the next 60 days, the White House will work with the US Army Corp of Engineers on $4 billion in construction work at ports, inland waterways and other facilities.

They’ll also “identify and prioritize $3.4 billion in upgrades to obsolete inspection facilities that will make international trade more efficient through the northern and southern border,” officials told the outlet.

On Wednesday, President Biden plans to visit the Port of Baltimore to discuss how the infrastructure package will enhance port operations and strengthen the supply chain.

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