Stimulus Gives Massive Shot in the Arm to Public Transit

The new stimulus bill expected to be signed into law today gives $30.5 billion to struggling public transit agencies.

Source : Adam E. Moreira, Wikimedia Commons

March 11, 2021

Author : Patty Rodriguez

The funds are meant to address several critical issues faced by public transportation agencies because of coronavirus pandemic-related budget shortfalls, including to help them with payroll, operating costs, purchases of personal protective equipment, and paying for administrative leave necessitated by service reductions.

The bill gives $26.09 billion for urbanized area formula grants; $50 million for mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities grants; $317 million for rural area formula grants; $100 million for bus operators; $25 million for planning grants; and $2.21 billion in grants for to help fight the spread of the coronavirus and maintain operations, as well as to avoid furloughing workers.

“We applaud the inclusion of $30.5 billion of emergency public transit funding provided in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021,” American Public Transportation Association previously wrote. “We also greatly appreciate that the bill distributes these funds in a manner that ensures that all public transit agencies can continue to be a lifeline for our essential workers, ensure Americans can get to vaccine distribution sites, and advance our communities’ efforts to rebuild from the economic fallout of the pandemic.”

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