Maine Voters Back $100m Infrastructure Bond

On November 2, Maine voters overwhelmingly backed another $100 million transportation bond, marking the seventh consecutive year of such a referendum getting approved by voters.

Source : Maine DOT

November 4, 2021

Author : Alex Bustillos

The bond will add funds to an existing $250 million in federal funds. The money will go to supporting projects of the Maine Department of Transportation’s three-year work plan.

As Transportation Topics reports, those projects could include more than 300 miles of paving to roads in need of a touch-up, 74 highway safety improvement projects, as well as port, railroad and transit projects.

According to the outlet, the Maine Legislature has used bonds to compensate for transportation funding shortages as they have been too divided to pass long-term funding, the largest source of funds for state transportation projects. The problem has only been made worse by the loss of gas tax revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

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