South Carolina Begins Interchange Work in $830m Highway Revamp

South Carolina is in the process of widening Interstate 85 between Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties.

Source : South Carolina Department of Transportation

September 23, 2021

Author : Patty Rodriguez

In the upcoming days, work will begin on the interchange at exit 95, closing the ramp for approximately 9 months. South Carolina’s Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is building a taller and wider bridge to replace the old Pleasant School Road bridge. The new one will accommodate six lanes with additional space for future widening.

While the old Pleasant School Road bridge was 15 feet high and 28 feet wide, the new one will be 20 feet high and 70 feet wide, with 12-foot lanes going both ways, a turn lane and 10-foot shoulders.

The bridge is expected to fix a lot of old safety issues as well, doing away with the two-way traffic ramps with new one-directional ramps.

Drivers that would normally use exit 95 will be diverted to exit 96 for the foreseeable future while work is conducted, adding a net detour length of approximately 1.4 miles, according to SCDOT.

"The South Carolina Department of Transportation is working to modernize this interchange as well as the rest of the 21-mile-long I-85 corridor through Spartanburg and Cherokee counties – an $830 million investment for this vital part of South Carolina's transportation system,” said Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall.

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